Wednesday 6 June 2012


 The past weeks, I've been seeing too-good-to-be-true signs
about Buy 1 Take 2 (or something like that) on
Pink and Blue Soda Botiques. 

Thought it's just another refresher sale on going.
Not until - I went to one of their stores and made a little 'chikka' with the sales lady: 

CMK : Hi Ate, up to when ang sale nio? (Up to when will the Sale last?)
Sales Lady : Ma'm until supplies last po. Mag-co close na po kasi kami
(Ma'm only up until supplies are here. We will be closing soon...)
CMK : (Puzzled. With eyes wide open) Hmm... you mean close as in Closed? 
(I know I'm such a slow joe) (Translation : Ako na ang slow).
Sales Lady : Opo. Until end of next month po yata.
 * End of Story *

I'll be missing Pink Soda :(
Permit me to pour a touch of Nostalgia - when I was in Grade 4,
I really went gaga over those Pink Soda 49 Shirts.
In high school, I collected Hair Bands from this shop on all colors and prints.
I still recall how we girls love each new releases Marian Gracia wore.

Marian Rivera (who's real name is Marian Gracia) has been our school mate in high school.
Turned out she's been modeling for Pink Soda during our high school days.

Going back on the fact that Pink Soda will disappear
over the next few weeks, makes me emotional.
It's like losing your close friend. I mean it's not a friend, as in real human friend,
but you get my point.

How can we show them some love even for one last time? I'm telling you.
I guess there's not too much to say but:

You've touched young girls lives in so many ways. 


PS: Feel free to say your good bye notes to Pink Soda by visiting their Facebook Fan Page (click HERE).
Photo Credits : Pink and Blue Soda Site (click HERE)

There’ll always be unforgettable
memories behind goodbyes.



  1. Well it's really a sad news. Maybe the reason too I can't find their website. There is one perfume scent I so love but how can I get one when I won't be able to find their store now.

    I will miss Pink Soda too, for sure.

    1. I know :( Now that you've mentioned - I recall one scent that I ♥ so much from Pink soda. It is on a pink tin can w/ flowers. Not sure if we have the same perfume in mind. :)

  2. there's this scent from blue soda that i wear since i was in highschool until today that i'm already working. now i'm down to my last bottle. paano na 'to. :(

    1. Aww - that is a sad! Oh - let's keep our hopes up that PINK/BLUE SODA is just re-branding. But until then, I feel you dear! :(

    2. any update about pink/blue soda? did they resume?
      I so love those scents they have, can't get over yet... =(

    3. Hello there. Aww. I am so touched by how you miss the scent of Blue Soda. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there's no hush hush of them relaunching just yet. Hope they'll return. Specially this Christmas! :)

    4. yeah, just like you, im their big fan also. i so much miss those stuffs, when it was pulled out from Cebu malls Way back 2009, I felt soo sad,and would you believe I just go to MAnila just to buy their stuffs specially that Blue and Pink soda exquisite scents that you cant find elsewhere. did their stores already close from SM malls already? last time I went there in Manila 2011,in Decemeber theyve mentioned they have this warehouse in Cavite. Ive asked the SM Pink/Blue Soda personel I need those scents, so I purchased 1 box full of scents from them which theyve ordered from the warehouse after a week. BUt i didnt hear they will close. did they? :(


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