Tuesday 19 June 2012


When you're spending your weekend on some windy place,
it's not convenient to let your hair down - so here's a no-brainer idea to try.
Tie a leopard ribbon round your head. How's that?

Nothing much - you just have to twist your hair up on a bun,
then secure the ribbon around your head and fold (tie it up) on top.
Here's how it looked like.

Celebrities jumped in the Lion's club too! Here's one of them.
Roaring.... Ashlee's red hair + thick head band combo.

Photo Credit : Google Images

Well - what can I say but have fun making the world your kind of Jungle! -CMK.


1 comment

  1. Leopard prints are adorable. I love your headband. I have 2 tops and a ballet flats that have leopard print on them. Fierce & pretty! :)


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