Monday 11 June 2012


News Flash: Saturdays = Relax Days for me. 
It's either I'm attending an event.
Or hanging out with my friends.
Or spending a me-time. At times, it's all of the above. 

Having said that - one thing I miss in working
from Makati is to get to taste all the yummy goodies.
(On one hand, I can go on a diet without too much temptation)

That's why Saturday is a semi-cheat day. Hehe.
What is this Contis Shrimp Sandwich?
First, if you haven't tasted this - 
you're missing the tastiest and freshest sandwich in town!

When the waiter handed this over to me, I can't help but to look at it real close.
Much to the point of opening and peeking on what's really inside.
There are real (cooked, of course) shrimps with batter all over
sandwiched over 2 toasted bread with crisp sesame seed.
Feel free to check it's close up pic. Di ba?!

I should be honest though, this hunger buster is not cheap. But - well, worth it! And super yummy that it became my all time favorite sandwich.
How much does one cost? Read up.

It costs Php 145 pesos (approx). 
It comes with macaroni salad but unfortunately, I don't eat one. 
Contis, if you're reading this, please allow customers to have a choice
 (say, potato chips or salad #just.a.thought) :-)

It's filling. It's like munching a cup of rice for me with less calorie
(though correct me if I'm wrong. Laughs!)
With or without calories - I'll eat it whenever I got the chance.
Now, can you take a look at that drooling superb photo again?
Wahh.. Tempted. I'm off to Contis. NOW. -CMK.


  1. Yummy shrimp burger. My fave seafood :)

  2. I can consume the salad if you'll let me Miss K. :) Hihi. I'm a salad sucker :D

  3. Since I don't eat shrimp cause I'm allergic to it. :) See, atleast we'll not fight sharing :) hihi


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