Wednesday 16 May 2012


Photo Credit : SM Ladies Fashion
As far as my fashionista mind can recall, I consider SM Fashion Finds an everyday staple. Name it.  Colors. Style. And everything nice.

They seem to pull it all together. But here are the reasons I've grown to love them all the more!

They have a variety of style for EVERY size. And that means each woman can feel good about herself from petite to voluptuous frame.♥ Colors all around. Just as the sizes are diverse, Mestizas and Morenas can take their pick for every style. ♥ Value for money. Their fashion lines can cater a wide array of market and wallet sizes. Now, that's Fashion + Amazing!

Feel free to know more about them by watching the video below and by clicking HERE. It's their Facebook Page.

Now that they are launching the Fashion that Fits Series. I'm just overly excited. That means there's more surprises to see from one that got it all! SM Ladies Fashion!  -CMK.


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