Sunday 27 May 2012


Show Your Kidneys Some Love!
According to Dr. Antonio Cayco,
Section Head of the Kidney Unit,
Makati Medical Center.

To peeps out there who have experienced the havoc a migraine can make, you'll agree with me if I shout: Pain Reliever please! And though we want to take extra care of our kidneys (which can wear out if we take too much meds), we will still pop that pill no matter what the cost is.

Point is. Migraine is there. You cannot take one pill and expect it to be gone. You have to change and adjust your lifestyle. AVOID the triggers at all cost. Some of the well-known triggers:

* Sunlight (aka silaw). 
* Hunger (aka nalipasan ng gutom). 
* Coffee & Chocolates to name a few.

On my case, Hunger Games is not my game. Haha. That's my trigger. However, if you're experiencing some attacks despite the precaution -- you might want to consider this. Instead of taking Arcoxia or Ponstan (Mefenamic Acid) or Advil (Ibuprofen) - take Biogesic (Paracetamol).

I know. For most of us, Paracetamol is just too weak and can't save the day. So here's what my doctor prescribes. If your body is accustomed to Mefenamic Acids or Ibuprofen, try this trick.

1. The moment you feel that the attack is growing, pop a paracetamol.
2. Rest and if possible, close your eyes.
3. If the pain is still there, don't worry. Take a paracetamol again after 4 hours.
4. Rest again. 

Continue steps 3 and 4, as necessary. I, for one have taken Arcoxia (one of the most strong pain relievers I know), but gave this trick a try. Just once. And guess what?! It works! #promise!

I guess it's high time for us to consider that taking Mefenamic Acids and Ibuprofen will take its toll on our kidneys. Prolonged intake will create much pressure and stress to our kidneys according to Dr. Antonio Cayco (Makati Medical Center). For more details, click HERE.

I'm actually torn if I'll publish this post as this is an off-beat topic. But out of love I have for you guys, I humbly would like to remind you of one important truth:

Health is Wealth.
There's more make up and travels to conquer so watch your health my dears! -CMK.



  1. Wew, good thing I don't take Mefenamic or Ibuprofen.

  2. Coffee and chocolate affects migraine pala :O

    And even I suffer from severe headache and other illness, I don't take medicine in the first place Miss K, I just take tons of water, we experience headaches cause sometimes, we lack liquid in our brain. (My professor told me before.)


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