Tuesday 29 May 2012


My locks were digi-permed since 2010. 
It was first done by none other than Mr. Simon Kim himself.
To our surprise, he passed away last year (revisit my post HERE) sob!

But life's like that. Anyway, that's an appointment that everybody should make.
As my friend taunts "Una, una lang yan" And.....
Before I convert this post to an entirely different subject, let me go back to Shine Moist.

If you'll recall my top picks for digiperm goodies (click HERE),

I'm a loyal user of V05 Mousse,
much to my shock it's no longer available in major malls! (0.o)
Makes me wonder! Sob again!

After walking through the beauty alleys, I noticed this purple goodie here.

Meet my new curl buddy - SHINE MOIST CURLY ELASTIC MOUSSE.
I might say this, when I first saw the slim can, I reckon so hard that this is not the first time I saw this product. Then poof! I remembered!
When I got a hair treatment @ Bench Fix Glorietta, this is their flagship mousse too!

CMK thinks this product is worth every penny.

Why? The texture? It's 'holding' time? CMK's HAPPY THOUGHTS ☺and WISHFUL THOUGHTS ☻? Read Up!

☺Don't you just love the curve of this bottle?
☺Less than Php 300 for 200 grams is fair.
☺ It's light on my hair. I noticed that hair fall was substantially lessened.


☻I wish the applicator squeezer is much manageable to spritz.
☻Since it's light, its curl holding time approx 5 to 6 hours
(though it depends on how each hair condition).

CMK THINKS: It's worth a try. I'm actually torn if I'll be loyal to the brand but overall, it's definitely worth adding to your beauty loot! -CMK

PS: I am in an OC mode as of this writing,
so to know more about Shine Moist Company, click this LINK.
Honestly, after reading the site, I can't seem to be sure from what country
does Shine Moist originate. If you know from what country,
please be so kind to put an end to my wandering mind. Lol. :-)


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