Friday 11 May 2012


Nope - the prints not only 'in' for the New Year but all year round. This has been a fashion staple ever since 1920's and who can blame the femmes? It just puts that much needed spunk. Friendly reminders before you connect the dots:

* Make sure that you wear a polka dot wardrobe (ONE PIECE AT A TIME).
* To break the monotony, best to wear a belt (in one solid color).
* In case it's too breezy, pair it with a neutral colored blazer.

Gray Blazer : Tomato
Polka Dots Dress : Celine (comes with a red belt)
Wedges : Celine
Messenger Bag : The Ramp

I can hear you asking... Who's celebrity joined the polka-club? Here she is!

Cameron Diaz! See how simple her getup was?
Dress + Belt + Peachy Makeup = Hot Momma!
No wonder she's one of Charlie's Angels! -CMK

from Google Images


  1. Another classic piece that can be worn on a casual or formal event. And hindi na kailangan ng maraming accessories. Thanks for the tip on how to wear this Miss K :)

  2. Some speculations about patterned dresses, they will make you look wider, but I have some polka dot tops and they look really girly! :D Mine's black too Miss K :D


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