Wednesday 9 May 2012



Talk about good news! Meet one of my favorite local brands of all time -- Bayo. Their style is so fresh and acceptably stylish. Translated: You can wear them almost anywhere, everyday! Since high school days, I find myself drooling on their threads. And today is just the same. Whenever I'm in a mall, I see to it that I drop by to my happy place. To buy or to spy (for inspirations). 

 Most malls have BAYO. Again, let me repeat ... it's a local brand. They also have a sister brand - Missy. Very nice dress and tops indeed. If you happen to have a Belle de Jeur Planner, we have a 10% discount coupon (can't be used in conjunction with any promo). On to the good news:

10% Discount on All Regular (think: New Arrivals) items. Beat That!

Though Don't Forget the Time Frame: May 1st to 15th.

Care for some simple internet shopping? Find out how:
1. Log on to Bayo site (click HERE).
2. Click on the wardrobe you like to buy. Enter specifics.
3. Add it to your shopping basket and do the usual stuffs.

Being stylish + wallet friendly can be found in one girly haven - Bayo! -CMK.


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