Thursday 26 April 2012


Tired trying same old masks again and again? Here's one to change the norm. Meet Skin Food's Black Sesame for your face. 

If you are seeing some black gooey substance, you may want to read instructions first before scrubbing it on your face right? So - here comes the instructions.

@ Cleanse face.
@Apply appropriate amount of mask to your moist face.
@Massage it smoothly and avoiding the eye area.
@Rinse it away with lukewarm water 3 - 5 minutes later.

I, personally, was intrigued and skeptic due to the unusual substance but it's nice. Why?? Read on!

Reasons to try it:
* Something New and Revolutionary (since masks are generally cool).
* Skin Food is quality product (as always).
* Product was packed with natural ingredients (black sesame) to provide a steam effect.
* Deeply cleanse pores for a clean, smooth and refreshing feeling.

Please watch out for:
* Some hot feeling over your face. I felt some panic waves rushing over me but got used to it eventually.
* I feel the granules went into my inner, inner pores so I suggest you wash your face well to do away with unwanted residue.

Overall, this is really something for our skin to eat. I can hear my face say "Yummy!" -CMK.


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