Friday 20 April 2012


Hello Merlin!

Flying Fiesta Here We Gooo!
I really love the artistry. (^-^)
EK-streme. No voice after. Costs extra Php 80.
I'll take a ride anywhere except in this Space Shuttle. No no no!
Who's scared? Me? Nah! - Let's bring it on!

Forget what I said. Please stop this ride!

My most favorite joyride in the whole wide EK!
First Aid Image. Walang Kupas. (As always)
One of a kind resting place!
Only pic of us 3. Meet Jay (Red) and MJ (Blue).
If you're asking: Is it possible to be a child once more even just for a day? I'd say, Puwede! Puwede!

For price lists and other details on Enchanted Kingdom, click HERE.
These photos are taken by Rogue (Canon Ixus 300 HS).
All pics are raw (effects are built-in within the cam). -CMK.

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