Monday 30 April 2012


Often an under-rated color between black and white. Gray has some benefits. Less of a black - less humid. Less of a white means not being OC of looking dirty literally.

I was looking for one since it's summer time + I often find white shirts too sheer. I bumped into an article from People Mag's Style Watch column. Guess who wore some gray stuff?

Olsen Twins. I like the get-up on the right better. It's just so sophisticated and elegant. Though the left is effortlessly spontaneous as well.

I bought my 'save' version of a gray shirt at Tomato. Opted for v-neck cut since it will create a longer neck illusion. Pair it jeans and you're good to go. For a meager price - I think it will serve its purpose. Not bad for a classic ensemble! -CMK.


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  1. I love gray tops. I just hate it when the weather is so hot and I have this sweat marks on my back :(


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