Thursday 29 March 2012


PINKY. I always use terms of endearment to my non-life pals (aka gadgets). And for my Sony Vaio E-Series buddy - I call her by the name Pinky (I first thought of Fuchsia-ey, but it doesn't sound so well). Today is her one year stay with me. And with that, I choose to recall our fun times together.

 1. Work my buddy! - Guess who stood by yours truly during my work shift? Every. Single. Workday. Yes. You got it. Excess - you might wonder what's with the pack down below - Salonpas. For back pains just in case.


2. Pinky goes to Prague! - Guess who kept me connected with all Pinoy Soaps when I was away? And - special mention: Her plug is a 2-prong plug. Compatible with Europe's socket. She belong! ;)

3. Setting foot in Netherlands! - Guess who's my amiga on my long hours of lag time? Pic was taken in Schiphol
Airport. I tried to capture the many air planes surrounding the runway, but I can't. It's too far from the lounging area.


4. On Blah! Days - Guess who's my partner in crime on writing all the entries on this blog? Whenever, wherever, it's Pinky winky. 

She's here on this pic. Look. to the right! To the right! Hehehe.... -CMK.

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  1. Daig pa pala ako ng lappy mo Miss K :) parang yung bigay na cam ng tita ko sa nanay ko, nakapag-around the world na pero kami, hindi pa :P


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