Wednesday 1 February 2012


There are so many benefits of exercising and me being a self-confessed TH (Trying-Hard) when it comes to shedding flabs - have tried above and beyond but for a minimal result. Sniff! Gym, boxing, etc. Name it. The only 'practice' that made me a resident is Bikram Yoga (Yoga in a heated room).

At first - I'm having 2nd thoughts about it as I thought the practice involves spiritual stuffs but no - it's actually the science of being still. After bountiful attempts of going back to Yoga ever since I came from a recent trip - today was the fulfillment of this attempt! Haha.

What the heck is a Japanese Ham Sandwich?

I got into the room of about 38 degrees hot. "Hot room makes you flexible..." so the Yoga instructor shared. The moment I did the Japanese Ham Sandwich pose - I was completely regretful because I should have been lying in bed instead.

Japanese Ham Sandwich pose - And I know it’s meant to be a metaphor for how tightly your body should be pressed against your legs. But most teachers I study with don’t use it. They instead use the much more accessible visual of a ‘grilled cheese sandwich’. Personally, I prefer to think of a panini. One of those tomato basil mozzarella ones. With pesto. YUM. But that’s beside the point. (excerpt from the link above).

Then - I recomposed myself and prayed that first, I don't throw up. Second, I don't leave the room to pee. Then I reckoned - wait - this is the reason why I have been grumpy the past weeks. It's because I am losing focus! I am focusing on the bad and neglecting the good. That goes not only in Kristine inside the yoga room but in Kristine in life - generally. And I believe that God wants to be clear on this: He is in control.

Multi-tasking is a fiction. You need to be present. Savor each moment. If you're sweating and dog-tired. Let it be. Only then will you experience that 'fresh' feeling that you so miss for the longest. And remember that somebody up there is in control. Not only inside the yoga room but in life - generally. *wink. -CMK.


Location : Makati (across Paseo Centre)
Duration : 90 minutes
Benefits : Good Skin. Focused Outlook. Flexibility.
Bikram Yoga Manila :

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