Thursday 12 January 2012


Yesterday, Wednesday - I am doing my weekly groceries. Went to one department store and to my surprise, they don't use plastics in packing my stuffs (they use brown paper instead). I asked the sales clerk politely and she candidly told me - "Ma'am it's Wednesday today." Looked at her smiling then asked her "and..". She continued - "Every Wednesday po we don't use plastics anymore." Pointing me in the reusable bag section if I don't want to hug the brown paper all the way home.

Though I am some-few-bucks poorer, I smiled because at last - we are giving back some lovin' care to our mother earth. I hope that more establishments will adopt this scheme. Inconvenient? Yes. But let's remember, it's the only planet we have. Go green! -CMK


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  1. Too annoying to carry brown paper bags lalo na po kapag umuulan kaya lagi kaming may prepared shopping eco-bags in our bags. Last year (yata) po kasi, they started the No Plastic Policy here in Batangas, kaya dapat palaging ready kasi po araw araw, na wala talagang plastics, kahit straw sa Mcdo, just think how weird it is to drink a cup of Mcdo Mocha Frapp with a spoon -_- which I experienced in Tagaytay.


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