Monday 23 January 2012


Ban Combing. (esp. when the permed area is dry). Tip from a beautician in Beauty Brick Salon: After washing your hair, towel Dry. Then Twist & Scrunch. No, not the dance moves.
This will ensure that curls will last as long as possible. It's okay to twirl your hair or just let it dry if you don't have the luxury of time. This is the reason why I think having a permed hair is a low-maintenance option.

Coco-comeback. Lavish them with Oil. Since perming involves chemicals, it's time to give back to your hair's stripped natural essence. There are countless over-the-counter hair oils. Make sure your crowning glory gets their share of oil hydration.

Combat Dullness. Here's your armor - Hair Mask. This is a tip from a Benchfix Hair Specialist. I picked Loreal Smooth-Intense Mask since this is my tried and tested product. A bit pricey compared to its competitors but my hair-fall was lessened, so it's here to stay with my weekly regimen.

Spray Some Volume. My all time favorite. It smells good. Lightweight on hair. It really lives up to its name. Curl. Defining. Mousse. Though, I don't recommend on using it everyday. Make sure your tresses get some time-off with any hint of chemicals. 

Gotta Love Nature. This is interesting. Repeat after me. 

Garbage-In. Garbage-Out. 
And so. 
Freshies In. Freshies Out. 
Needless to say, we have to stay close to the freshest commodity available. Try these products. Lemon Grass & Mango Butter Conditioner. Mandarin / Peppermint Variety. Mother Nature - we are definitely coming back to your arms! 

Enjoy your Twist and Curls Ladies. And, no - don't dance :-). -CMK.

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  1. I told Nanay that I would love to have a permed/curled hair, but she told me po na masyading matapang daw po talaga yung gamot na ginagamit. I just hope na someday, I'd be able to try experimenting with my hair, it's way too long po kasi, maganda talaga siya ipakulot :D

    Been using oil for my hair when I was in HS, then nagstop po ako nung naging super oily ng mukha ko, yung mukha ko po ang naging oily Miss K :P Hindi po yung hair ko, hihi, *weird*


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