Wednesday 23 November 2011

What to Wear to Where?

Let me share with you the clothes that I wore during my stay in the most picturesque place of all time - Prague, Czech Republic.
Being warm enough was quite a challenge since my basic clothes came from a tropical country, but with little imagination here and there, you can create different looks that's worth (picture) taking - for!

On my way to Office 1 - Fine Checkered  Dress. Schubar Booties. Pashmina Shawl.

On my way to Office 2 – Striped Celine Cowl Neck Blouse. Schubar Booties. Pants from Human.

On my way to Office 3 – White Printed Dress from Department Store. Trench Coat. Schubar Booties.

On my way to Office 4 – While checking how long is my hair now... Pardon if I included this one :)

On my way to Office 5 – Turtle Neck Sweatshirt. Charles & Keith Bag. Schubar Booties. Pashmina Shawl

On my way to Office 6 – One of a kind dress. A real steal. Booties. Golden Yellow Shawl.

On my way to Office 7 – Olive Green Pants. UGG. Gray Shawl. Black Sweatshirt from The Landmark.

On my way to Office 8 – Sweatshirt Gray. Thermal Jacket. Schubar Booties. Pants from HerBench.

Strolling Around Look 9 - Booties. Stockings Black. Cosmopolitan Dress from The Ramp. Red Shawl.

Strolling Around Look 10 - Booties. Slacks Black. Mini-polka dots Peasant Blouse. Coat from Prague.

On my way to Office 11 – Black Slacks. UGG Booties.
Stripped Navy Inspired Knitted Blouse.

Strolling Around Look 12 – UGG Booties. Beige Coat from Prague.
Gray Sweater from The Landmark.

After Office Look 13 – UGG Booties. White Watch from Tomato.
Black Sweatshirt.

Strolling Around Look 14 – UGG Booties. Black Trench Coat.
Lacoste Mini-Bag in Hot Pink. -


  1. I love the booties!! :)

  2. Pretty booties!!!! :) I'm a fan of boots! But I only had 2 of them which I bought last year. I used them in Baguio, kasi po parang hindi normal dito samen magboots. :D hehe


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