Tuesday 15 November 2011

Flying Blue with KLM Airline

They always say that it's not about the destination but the joy the comes along with the journey. And what else can be 'truer' than flying with KLM. Allow me to share with you this cool experience that I had. This was the first time that I traveled alone but the comfort and coziness of the plane made the 10+ hours of travel drool-worthy.

Being prone to bloopers here's my share. I was struggling on how to put the weird-looking headset on my ear. I tried left then right. Inside then out. But after 10 minutes of peripheral-viewing on how my seatmate put hers, I managed na ipasak ang earphones na yan! :) After regaining my poise, here are the keep-busy things I've done on the first few flight hours: Music - Heard the noise of Beyonce, Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Adele Movies - Devil Wears Prada, Dilemma, The Other Woman (Natalie Portman) Series - CSI, Sex and the City Navigator - Time Traveled, ETA, Time Zones, Maps, Etc.

While being swallowed up with my new toy, a pretty lady approached our aisle and distributed the goodies. Yum! Little did I recall that my braces need to be in place for months. After the "click" that came from my brackets. I said goodbye to these nuts. And gulped my juice.

After watching a part of CSI, she came again and asked me if I want Fish or Beef. Told her Chicken and next thing I know was that she's giving me a noodle and fish plus an enticing dessert packed lunch. The bread was not teeth-friendly so I munched the noodles and that was good! Yet the fish was the best. Twas soft and yummy. This meal was enough to keep you full really. About the veggie and cake on the top corner, they're not my type. Veggies were quite raw. Cake was too sweet for me. Overall this is a superb lunch than I expected.

Hehe. You guessed! Less than an hour passed and she's strolling another goodies and when I saw that it was ice cream my eyes sparkled with excitement! I was torn between Mango and Chocolate but chose the former. The water was quite different in appearance but tasted the same in substance (Dapat may touch of Auditing Theory? ;) ).

Count 2 movies then she's here again with another food. The menu was chicken curry and java rice. With vegetable side dish plus salad with medium rare beef. My fave part of the meal was the fruit mini plate (pineapple, melon, papaya and watermelon). Being stuffed with carbs and sweets the past hours, I could welcome a refreshing fiber this time. I ended up eating the fruit and bread, my tummy has no space for the other loot unfortunately. I am not sure if this entry should be an airline review or food review. Haha. Maybe both? :D But overall, my travel from Manila to Amsterdam was quite a retreat from my everyday life. -CMK

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  1. hays. Imagining myself na nakasakay sa plane, and in your situation, ansarap po :) lalo na ang foodies :D <3


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