Tuesday 26 July 2011

Why don't CHA try this?

Spell Chocolate Mousse? H-e-a-v-e-n! :)
Top 10 Reasons why you should ♥ Cha Time:

1. Healthy. 

2. Available @ Makati.

3. Chocolate Mousse is the bomb!

4. Grass Jelly and Red Bean...Perfect.

5. Cream-cheese-like top on their Mousse Collection is superb.

6. Fairly priced. Compared to overrated coffee houses.

7. There's this UFO shaped Number Tag which will light upwhen your order is ready.

8. You can modify the sugar and ice content.
(Eg. 70% less sugar, 110% ice).

9. They serve coffee - should you need some caffeine shots.(Iced Coffee Smoothie is a must-try).

10. A perfect Sip whilst reading Archie Comics. -CMK


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