Monday 11 July 2011

Pad Thai Anyone?!

One Word = Yummy
Pad Thai (pd t, päd) n. A Thai dish of stir-fried rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, chicken chunks, peanuts, and seasonings.
I am not really a "master" when it comes to food blogging so to bridge this incompetency, allow me to describe the food using a commoner's language and some FYI's that I myself have not known until now :p
1. Noodle = Stir Fried. Al Dente (Definition: Al dente refers to the desired texture of cooked pasta in Italian cooking. It literally means "to the tooth".) Pronunciation: All DAN Tay
2. Chicken Chunks = 75% Cooked. But I think it's safe to munch, nonetheless.
3. Sauce = Main Event. Sweet. Salty. Spicy. Nano-Nano!
4. Serving = Good for 2 (generally speaking).
5. Overall = Perfect for Food Tripping. Best Paired with Thai Iced Coffee.
After Effect : "Beks! May lakad ka today? Let's go at mag-Oodys. Nagce-crave ako sa Pad Thai. -- Text message to one of my close friends one Sunday afternoon" -CMK.

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