Thursday 7 July 2011

My Love Affair with Mr. Coffee (Literally!)

I am not really sure since when this love affair began. But if my memory serves me right, it's somewhere within 2006. Whenever I hear coffee, these things lurk into my mind:

♥ Coffee Bytes. Name ng Shop ng Ex-Crush ko bakit ba? To those who knew me... Okay, ndi sia yung owner. Ung other owner. Blah :p

♥ Happy Thought. You know that feeling na when you have tons of work to do - you'll just say to yourself na... Okay, i'll give myself a coffee then you find that "drive" to face your laptop with a smile.

♥ Figaro - way back in SGV days. Starbucks - way back in DKS days. Seattle's Best - way back in NetSuite Days. CBTL - nowadays.

Overall... for me coffee is another reason to stay positive. That life -- like a sip of hot coffee can be bitter, sweet or anything in between. It depends on how you perceive and 'arrange' that sugar, spice and everything nice parts of your life. -CMK.

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