Friday 8 July 2011

Knowing vs Being

 One Dinner Time with my Cousins:
 Trivia : This is a _____ Plant. Clue : Name ng Cigarette.
 Jay : Marlboro Plant?
 DJ : Winston Plant?
 Jay : Hope Plant?
 MM : (in a not so loud tone) Fortune Plant ate?
 Me : Tumpak! Galing!
 Jay : Hoy Memem. Yun ang gamit mo noh?
MM : Ndi kuya (sheepish look) Hehe..
Crowd : Laughs! Laughs! Laughs! Laughs! Laughs! Laughs!

We, people knew something about death. But we haven't saw or experienced it. Have we? But not experiencing death, doesn't mean we know not-a-thing about it. On the other side, not knowing how to cook doesn't discount you from experiencing good cooking.
Maybe, just maybe, the same path holds true in marriage, career, grievances and so on :) PS: MM doesn't smoke. Honest. -CMK.

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