Friday 26 June 2020


We have all been through something that many of us never expected to do in our lifetime. The global pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak is one of those things that will remain in history. But because of it, our lives have been placed on hold for some time. Travel was one of those things, and seeing barely any planes in the sky and them all lined up at airports has been strange. But as lockdown starts to lift and we start to see things going back to normal it does mean we can start to think about holiday plans once more. Sometimes it is worth making these plans ahead of time, so when the opportunity arises you can be first in line. With that in mind, here are some of the potential holidays plans you can get excited about this year. 

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Enjoying a staycation

One of the most obvious options that you can enjoy this year would be a staycation in this country. You may not have explored some of the beautiful coastlines or rugged countryside that we have to offer, so now might be the ideal opportunity. You can look online for cottages for rent or perhaps stay in hotels once they start to open, but staying in this country could provide you with some amazing holidays and memories. There is now excuse to enjoy the beautiful country we live in. 


If you are happy to stay in this country and want to look at some alternative options, then why not enjoy camping? It can be an ideal way to enjoy a holiday away from home somewhere new without the additional worry of where you stay. All equipment will be your own and you are outside in the great outdoors and fresh air. What’s not to like? It could certainly be a great option to consider.

Destinations with an air bridge

Many people will still be wanting to change the sun or experience different cultures, and while it may not have felt possible plane journeys were on the cards, there are certain agreements being made with particular countries. An air bridge agreement means there might not be any real restrictions or quarantine to travel to and from that country, which could make a sun filled holiday on white sandy shores a possibility later in the year. Where would you want to go? With countries such as Spain and Portugal being possibilities there could be a great chance to see some different places or explore familiar territories once more.

Taking on a road trip

Finally, why not plan a road trip? You could do that in the country we live in or perhaps drive over to a different country. You could even fly somewhere and hire a car instead. A road trip gives you greater flexibility of seeing more than one place and with the sudden urge to travel and see the world once more, this could be the ideal option to consider later in the year or a great one to plan for next year. 

Saving ideas for later

When you’re trying to find your ideal holiday plans, it can be quite easy to come up with things that you’d like to do, despite the restrictions. Even if you think of things that you can’t do - you should consider taking note of them for when you can! Whether it’s a bareboat charter in Croatia or a beach holiday in Spain - it’s worth keeping it aside and having it as something to be excited about for when the restrictions are done with! There’s no sense in letting your inspiration and wishes go to waste.

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration and options for your holiday plans this year. 


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