Tuesday 24 December 2019


Mental health is undeniably important, and yet as we move into 2020, there is still a stigma. Many of us will admit that we wouldn’t feel that we could phone in sick to work because of mental health problems, and we’d be much less likely to see a doctor if we weren’t feeling at our best emotionally than we would if we felt physically unwell or hurt. We don’t even talk like we should. Talking is perhaps the very best thing that you can do for your mental health. Speaking to friends, family, workmates, and professionals can help you to balance your mood and reduce stress. Talking can ease anxiety, and sometimes, merely vocalising our concerns can reduce them, even if no solutions are found. A problem shared, really can be a problem halved, and bottling things up, rarely helps. But, we’re bad at it. We do bottle things up, we internalise our worries, and we spend sleepless nights over thinking when talking would be much more helpful. If there’s one thing that you should do for your mental health in 2020, it’s talk more. Here are some ways that you could do it. *This is a partnership post.

See A Therapist
Sometimes, we can’t talk to our friends or family, or we need more help. Occasionally, we need to speak to someone that specialises in a particular field, or has specific training. There are countless advantages to talking to a therapist or someone that has been professionally trained, even if your mental health is good. If you are struggling with addiction, one of the best rehab centres could help, offering talking therapies as well as practical treatment. Talking to a professional is sometimes much easier than talking to someone you know, and it’s certainly something that you should consider if you are struggling. 

Make Regular Plans with Friends
Life so often gets in the way of our relationships. We struggle to find time to spend with our friends as we all juggle jobs, homes and other commitments. But, your friends are crucial to your mental health. They are the people that you confide in and are most comfortable with. Make regular plans with friends, and try to commit to seeing your best friends as often as you can, even if it’s just for a quick lunch or coffee. 

Get on the Phone

Speaking on the phone isn’t the same as spending time with people face to face, but it can still help to boost your mental health. If you’ve got worries or things on your mind, or even if you just fancy a chat, phone a friend. 

Don’t Dismiss Online Friends
Many people today work at home, they don’t have colleagues, and they spend a lot of time alone. To these people, online friends, and people that they speak with on social media are crucial. Don’t underestimate these friends. Online relationships can be great.

Talk Everyday
Get into the habit of talking, by sharing your day. Speak with your partner when you get home, or phone a friend for a chat. Share your weekend plans with a colleague, or chat with a friend on twitter. Once you start talking, it starts to get easier. 


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