Monday 16 December 2019


Your girl is playing catch up on my blog-mas entries this year if you haven't noticed yet. Why? Tons of get togethers and Christmas parties. I am not complaining in the slightest because I enjoy parties on one condition, I get to sneak out early. Let's face it, I'm a grandma. If it's way past 9:30 pm, my eyes will have a mind of its own. Moving on swiftly, let's talk about my 2019 favourite party piece - and only piece let's be honest. 

I once wore a dress and if you don't have a car in London this means that you'll be braving out the cold in your dress plus, granted you have tights but still. Either that or you'll carry a humongous bag with all your spare clothes in it. Been there, done that and it's not for me, personally. So this year, I opted to have a shimmery top and that's about it! It's a crop top from Mango which I bought a couple of weekends ago. I like that it's festive and a statement piece of its own. I paired it with my two-year old trousers from Zara and big hoop earrings from John Lewis. I couldn't be bothered to change shoes so I went for my usual black suede boots from Geox. Voila, party attire sorted! What's your favourite party piece lately? -CMK

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