Sunday 29 December 2019


Christmas 2016. That was the first Christmas I've spent with Gab. We spent it in Bristol and Bath. Fast forward to three years, we decided to spend days leading to Christmas in Bath. I was anxious that we would need to cancel this trip because I got sick literally days before but thank God I am well by the time we needed to get to Paddington station for our morning train. Ah, Bath, where should I begin? Bath is less than two hours away from London so it's a perfect get away to reacquaint yourself to that quaint, cosy feeling. I won't lie, there are three things we did mostly on our four-day hiatus: a) eat; b) sleep; c) visit Thermae bath spa; and d) walk. Here's a list of restaurants we've tried and highly recommend:

Antica Bath RestaurantI'd gladly go to Bath just to eat here. They have the most amazing seafood ravioli and turkey milanese. They're a family owned business and this is one of the few restaurants that remind me of my visit in Venice last 2018Mokoko Coffee. Don't be fooled by its skimpy appearance on the outside, there's plenty of space upstairs. Try their Chelsea bun. Thai Balcony. We've been here three years ago and we may forget some details in a place but not where the nice food are at. Their price points are refreshingly cheaper than London with superb quality. The Botanist. They took pub food into a whole new level. Their aesthetics are so on point too. The kebab (see my last picture) was from this place.

To be honest, it's very hard to go wrong in Bath. Most of coffee shops and restaurants offer tasty food. My tip is to avoid usual franchise restaurants especially the ones that you can see in your city. We also went to some galleries, museum and parks to pass the time. Overall, this is exactly what we both need. A quiet respite near the city without the hassle of airport travel and holiday rush. I highly recommend going to Bath to well, take a bath (spa) and indulge your gastronomic senses! -CMK


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