Monday 17 June 2019


When I look back in my life there are few defining moments, meeting Gab was one of those. I will always be thankful to GOD, the universe and everyone who made our paths crossed. My greatest fear when I was a kid was marrying someone that I am not sure about. I guess at a tender age of 10 I know that marriage is waking up with someone from then on. As weird as it may sound, I had nightmares that I was running away in my wedding gown while shouting, this is not true, this is just a dream! Luckily, it was. I am softly laughing while I am typing this because in retrospect, it feels ludicrous but at the time it feels so real. Gab and I dated for three years. We have learned so much about each other those years. Our relationship is far from perfect. We had our share of hiccups but I'd gladly share life's ups and downs with him than any man there is. So, how do you know that he's the one? That's one of the things I always get asked and here's to write things in retrospect. You know he's the one when:

... you're happy to share all your tomorrows with him. He will be your movie / bed / dining  / DIY project companion for the rest of your life. It's a good idea to date for a considerable amount of time for you to answer this question. There's an element of gamble but isn't it the case in all things in life?

... you've seen each other in good times and bad. Gab saw me at my worst. He witnessed my glorious and defeated moments. I've seen him on both sides likewise. I think that's what made our relationship deeper. The fact that we've witnessed each other during happy and sad times. 

... you share values that are important to both of you. We have the same trajectory on our core values. It's true that opposite attracts to a degree but not too much. 

... your parents approve of him. This is very important to me because I seek approval of not just any other people but the very humans who brought me into this world. I know that it's my life at the end of the day but I respect my mommy and daddy so much that it brings me immense joy when I heard (and most of all feel) that they love Gab as their own.

... when you know, you (just) know. Logic aside, there's this unspeakable moment that will tick on you. It's so quiet like a whisper and it comes in an unguarded moment. It came to me when I was half dying of migraine and I saw him making all things possible to make me feel better. At that moment, I know I finally got a partner in crime. I mean, life. -CMK

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