Monday 4 March 2019


9:14 pm, London. A couple of days away from my birthday. I'm sitting on my bed reflecting on the past few days. It was such a whirlwind, but in a good way. Great news are pouring like rain and I literally cannot put my feelings into readable, words. The words, Wow! or Thank you! simply do not do justice. I am immensely happy in its purest form and I'd like to put it to pen to paper (well, you know what I mean) just in case I need it on some days.

I always say that it's nearly impossible to be happy 100% on any working environment but I guess where I am today is a healthy compromise. Not all days are sunny - that's for sure but I am just glad that I have colleagues and clients whom I  became friends with. In a nutshell, last week, I realised that my decision was a good choice even when I didn't see it from way back.

Years ago, I took a chance on love and the line was never a straight one. It was such a humbling, exciting, heartfelt experience. It still drives me crazy knowing that I'll soon get married next summer. HERE's a snippet of my love journey and POST CARDS from Croatia, where Gab asked my hand in marriage.

I got an amazing news that one of my friends are moving to London! I squeaked in delight. I am also looking forward to attending one of my best friends wedding and to spend time with my mommy, daddy and Jay in the sunny Manila.

Like most important things in life, health is something that you need to know more and more about everyday. It is worth investing your time and effort on. This warrants a whole new post but I am currently discovering the wonders of intermittent fasting, good old vegetables and real food meal prep, apple cider vinegar and a good amount of cardio.

I guess the best gift I got for my birthday is the assurance that I'll always have someone to come home to whenever I feel anxious and scared. I appreciate that the concept of God is not for everyone and I respect that. However, I can't deny that in my life, my beliefs have played a huge, huge role. Whether alone or in a crowd, happy or sad, having a GOD gives me inner peace. And that's true for Kristine then, and the Kristine now. Happy birthday to me! -CMK


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