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When you are looking for the most sun-kissed spots in the world, combined with some form of adventure, most of us would think about heading to Australia or somewhere pretty mountainous. But if you're looking for an experience that's off the beaten track and somewhere that tourists don't go, you wouldn't consider Spain to be one of those at all. But, you would be surprised as to the variety that Spain offers...

Known as one of the best-kept secrets of Spain, it's almost like you’ve stepped onto a film set. The colours are honey like in nature and house plenty of vineyards, meadows, and forests. As a UNESCO protected site is located in Merida, the capital, you know right away what you are in for. Beware, if you are determined to see this beauty for yourself, the transport links aren't the best. On top of this, the climate can be a little bit too much for some people to bear. *This is a partnership post.


While it's very much the Spanish equivalent of the French Riviera, you may be forgiven for thinking it's predominantly a tourist destination, but there are still a few secrets lurking beneath its fabulous exterior. If you're looking to spend some decent stretch of time there, there are numerous luxury apartments in Marbella to rent, so you can get involved in the haunts that only the locals know about. The fishing neighbourhood is home to numerous fisherman's huts and tapas bars. If you like your seafood as fresh as possible, the fishing quarter provides some of Marbella’s best seafood. It's a place where there won't be too many tourists, if any at all!


Not far away from sunny Seville, Carmona boasts a vast scope in terms of history, despite its tiny size in comparison to other Spanish locations. As a gateway to the Romanian past, you can see the Moorish fortress partially rebuilt into a Parador hotel highlights the combination of past and present. When night falls, you can enjoy peace and quiet, strolling the cobbled alleys and find the traditional tapas houses offering the most quaint, yet luxurious, of dishes.

Monte Perdido National Park

If you want a spectacular walking experience, this passes through the Ordesa canyon, boasts a climactic finish to your experience, a waterfall at the end of a river between 3000-foot walls. For most budding adventurers, this provides an amazing endpoint to your expedition. And don't think it's a hotbed for tourism or ramblers in their droves; it's an amazingly quiet experience, especially when you head into the canyons beyond Ordesa, where you can contemplate existence in the most tranquil, yet inspiring surroundings.

Montes Universales

Equidistant between Madrid and Valencia, this mountain range is the least populated area in the whole of Spain, providing that guarantee that it's untouched by tourism. You can go hiking, watch birds, or just marvel at the Hilltop Mountains, before heading to the traditional restaurants and bars. You don't need to be a tourist to get the most out of Spain, and in fact, there are so many little places demand to be seen to be believed, because if you want to head off the beaten track, you need to think like a local and chase the quiet life.


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