Monday 27 August 2018


Denmark has always been on my bucket list simply because it's one of the countries that have high happiness index. It piqued my curiosity and I have a million and one questions. How do they live their daily lives? Is there something different - probably it's the air and water? Or maybe the mouth watering pastries? I'm also a self-confessed fan of anything simple and minimalist. Scandinavian designs gravitate on those pegs. We've flown from London Gatwick to Copenhagen airport on the last week of April 2018. It's a relatively easy commute from the airport to our hotel (Wake Up Copenhagen is the name, if I remember it right). Our hotel was near Tivoli garden (see below) and there were loads of gastronomical restaurants around the area. Food in Copenhagen is quality. Even in the hole-in-the-wall cafe's, you can see that they put so much effort on what's on your plate. It's not cheap though. Since you won't have a shortage of Michelin star restaurants on the area, it is well reflected on their price points. Ambiance is very relaxed as I've expected. It's the land of Hygge, after all. Language-wise, it's an English speaking country through and through. I'm yet to meet a man on the street that can't speak English. Danish pastries are beyond words! 

However, have I got good news for Londoners?! Recently, a Danish cafe has opened its doors for us! Ole & Steen is the name. Make sure to try their cinnamon social because it is insane! Lastly, the architecture. Much like its ambiance, Danish architecture are less on flamboyance and more on functionality. Based on experience, five days are more than enough (a little bit more if you ask me) to explore the city. If you're going to Malmo Sweden (which is just a train away) it would be a good use of your spare time. We just became so lazy but we were planning to meet our friend Von back then. Hello Von! Finally, I'll leave you with more pictures and here's to hoping I won't make you crave as much as I did when looking over them. -CMK



  1. Hi Kristine, curious to know what camera you used for the pictures in this post? Thanks!

    1. Hello - I used Google Pixel phone for these pictures. You're welcome :)


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