Sunday 4 February 2018


Coats are probably my most favourite fashion item. Mainly because during these cold, winter months, that's the only thing you can show whilst outside. My tip is to buy well in advance of the season. I shopped for my winter coats (at least some of them) from October 2017, this will mean more time that I'll enjoy them and ultimately maximising each purchase. 1. Zara Wine Red Coat. I usually pair it with my wool scarf from Edinburgh. I got it from our Scotland trip. The print is Burberry inspired so it's timeless. I paired it with my Geoxx leather boots in coffee colour. I like this one because it is waterproof. It's usually raining in London so it's a very nice investment piece. 2. Miss Selfridge Dusty Rose Wrap Around Coat. 3. Forever 21 Classic Coat 4. Miss Selfridge Black Coat 5. H&M Maroon Parka with Hoodie. -CMK


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