Thursday 7 December 2017


How is it possible that a combination of hot water, roasted beans and almond milk can brighten someone else's day? My first love affair with coffee started when I was working for an audit firm. I suddenly realise that I get all excited thinking I'll get one steaming cup of coffee in the morning. 

Fast forward years later, nothing has changed. In London, my favourite coffee shop is Pret A Manger. To me, their shop feels like home. Particularly their branch at London Bridge. You'll often see me and Gab during weekends getting giddy over a cup of coffee and croissants. During weekdays, coffee is my pick me up-er. Whenever I know there's a full day ahead, knowing I'll sip an extra hot soya vanilla latte makes me happy! I am so thankful that Prets are all over the city. There's a handful of Pret too in Paris. In case you're wondering Pret A Manger comes from a French word meaning Ready to Eat.  

Indeed, coffee makes a difference in my world. Sometimes little things like these marks a huge difference between giving up and going on. -CMK

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