Sunday 22 October 2017


 It's a Saturday thing for Gab and myself to hit the gym at Fitness First Spitalfields. I think it's been more than a year now since I got hooked at Body Pump (google it). I finally found a workout that I enjoy doing and with me being active comes a slow but sure transition to healthier food choices. A few steps away from the gym is a cafe called TRADE. We love to try new places and London has no scarcity of great food hubs! I tried the dish below and it was so good! It's protein packed, perfect for a post gym meal! I got an iced mocha to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings and so I'm a happy bunny. Gab got a soya cappuccino while we share a slice of banana bread. Price points are average and the area is very hygge. We will definitely include this on our growing list of favourite spots!

In another news, I bought a copy of DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF... AND IT'S ALL SMALL STUFF by Richard Carlson. I got one in Manila but I thought of re-reading it. There are several snippets that resonated on me. It's not the first time that I've read it but still, they hit me to the core. Things like: a) years from now, what you think is a big emergency of life is not a big thing at all; b) Often times, you need to choose to be loving than to be right; c) Your inbox will never be empty so don't waste your life away chasing the impossible. Be happy and enjoy the process; d) Instead of asking, why does this happen to me? Ask, what can I learn from this thing? And so on.

Totally random but I got my hair colour refreshed from Toni & Guy Shoreditch. Aside from this, it's a usual Saturday for the both of us. These days, I find the beauty in the ordinary. Many times, we are clamouring for that grand event (long holidays, Christmas, etc.) but these come very rare. It's the 'ordinary' that is always there. Maybe it's time to look at 'ordinary' events in a different light. Friday night meals, Saturday afternoon coffees, after work conversations come by often and... don't you think these little moments are the ones we would look back and say, LIFE IS GOOD after all. -CMK


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