Friday 7 April 2017


One of the many good things about living in London is you have so many parks to visit! Having said that, I'm contemplating whether to stop my gym membership for a month and try running instead. I'm not yet sure but we'll see. Anyway, the sun came out last Sunday! Aaaand that said, everybody's out in the sun! The barren trees start to come to life again. Bliss! Hyde Park is our most visited park to date. It's right in the bang of London and transport is very convenient for us. Not to mention it's a walking distance away from the Whole Foods Market Kensington (more on this later). From Wimbledon, we take the District line and get off at High Street Kensington. Other times, we'll take the bus from wherever because most transport pass by the area anyway.

My favourite piece to date is this blush pink blazer from Zara. It is very flattering in my opinion and you can dress it up (just add mules) or down (pair it with a ripped jeans and chucks). Here is yours truly having a grin for the camera. OOTD: Blazer and Ripped Jeans from Zara. Grey Shirt & Shades from Forever 21. Red Bag from Fiorelli. Watch from Daniel Wellington. Chucks from Converse.

Now, let's talk about Whole Foods Market. I have a serious liking to this place as of late. It's a mixture of healthy (and not so healthy) options let's be honest. However, compared to other food chains, I'd say this one offers foods that are nutrient dense. It's just a matter of choice, pretty much like all things in life. I'm still battling this sugar addiction and this is not easy! However, I've heard that when you have a craving, it only takes 2 to 3 bites to satiate that feeling. Translated: You don't need to eat a one whole cake to give in to your sugar pangs. These bite sized cakes are the answer! I got the chocolate raspberry tart while Gab got the tinier berry tart. He is more self disciplined than I am, that's for sure.

Here's to give you a sneak peak on the Whole Foods Market sweet section. I'd say serving in small sizes is brilliant because for people like me, I can inhale these regular sized cakes. Smaller portion allows me to enjoy them and not feel deprived. Well, going back! That's how we spent our Sunday afternoon last week. I have no words to describe how happy I am now that the sun rises at 6:00 am and sets at 7:30 pm. And this is just the beginning! -CMK


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