Monday 13 March 2017


Oatmeal cookies. I've always been a fan of chocolate cookies. The thing is I have this ability to 'inhale' them in one go! And as much as people hate calorie counting, it is not too bad. To me, it just gives you an idea on how much calorie you want to intake to maintain (or lower) your weight. I think of it as a bank balance, you wouldn't raise your eyebrow when you take time to check your balance and make sure you're still in a 'healthy' state right?

This is one of my favourite goodies to bake. It's easy and it's heavenly! Best thing is it's not as sugary as store bought ones. Obviously, there are so many recipes all over the internet but please let me know if you want my own recipe! :)

Banana Pancakes.You only need a few ingredients for this. Bananas + Eggs + Vanilla Extract. Put it in a nutribullet and heat a pan with coconut oil. I usually pour the whole thing and make it a deconstructed pancake. Top it with strawberries and almond butter (or cookie butter if you're feeling naughty). Voila! Breakfast is served!

Soup and Salmon Teriyaki. Fancy a healthy lunch? This is a broccoli and potato soup (thanks to nutribullet) and salmon teriyaki with spinach. I've actually published my salmon teriyaki recipe HERE.

Sweet Potato Fries. Cut your sweet potatoes and drizzle some olive oil and other seasonings (my favourite is paprika or brown sugar with cinnamon). Baking time ranges from 30 to 40 minutes.

Very Berry Parfait. Chuck in the berries and coconut yogurt (it's vegan!). I use a brand called COYO and it tastes so amazing! I visited Planet Organic yesterday and guess what? There's a SALTED CARAMEL flavour! That is so awesome! :)


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  1. Everything looks so delicious!
    I shall try the oatmeal cookies :D


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