Sunday 30 October 2016


How do you know if you already miss blogging (or any other hobby that you've put off for a while)? To me, it is when you're doing an entirely different thing but the idea of making time for blogging keeps on popping on my head! That's when I know it's time to snap some photos, log in to blogger and type away.

Since I have to ship some documents from Manila (due to my passport renewal), I thought it's a good idea to buy a Belle de Jour Planner for 2017 and courier it altogether. Little did I know that an express shipment of a Php 480 planner will cost me Php 1,200. Then I remember somebody saying: life is full of oh-wells. On point! :D

I grew up older with BDJ. I've been a fan, and will always be. When there was no planner to cater my needs and wants, it was a breath of fresh air to see those pinks and blacks in the racks of a bookstore. They didn't disappoint. The planner looks nice and put together. Not Kate Spade-ish quality but it doesn't look cheap. And for the price, you get what you paid for.

A portmanteau for magazine and planner. BDJ always comes with articles with good, relevant content. Something that's not common on other planners. I kind of miss that when I transitioned to Bando Planner last year, so I came back to the BDJ bandwagon again. The fill-in-the-blanks type of thing reminds me of Calm and The 5-minute Journal, only in a pastel-coloured format. Very nice.

Call me weird but I do not like lined notebooks. I just don't like them (insert Eleven's stare on #StrangerThings! O.O). I like blank spaces. Take a look at my office notebook and youll see that it's just a plain Moleskin A4 pad that's full of keywords and scribbles. Maybe because I like to draw diagram and visuals and graffiti...

Monthly calendar is still on a portrait, one page format. I mean, why would they do that?! I like to ask whoever made this planner if this format works for her. Seriously? How can you input your notes and schedules in such a tiny box. Even if you're using a G-tech pen, that's just counterproductive. Part of me wants to email them and ask why oh why! Then I remember there are bigger fishes to fry! And to be fair, this is the only cranky side apart from the many good ones.

Overall, I'd totally recommend this planner to someone who has big dreams, high hopes and full of good intentions this coming year!

What's your planner for 2017? -CMK


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