Thursday 29 September 2016


Cost of living is very expensive in London. According to Expatistan, United Kingdom ranks the second most expensive country to live (next to Switzerland); amongst all European countries. To put things into perspective, a bottle of water can cost Php 70 to Php 200 (depending on location). However, that's not to say that everything here has a hefty tag. If you're thinking of visiting London soon, please know that some places can be enjoyed for free!

Westminster Abbey
This includes Big Ben, London Eye, etc. Google has a plethora of ideas but personally, I can visit Big Ben every weekend. Every time, it just looks different. As you walk towards it, you'll see so many picturesque view and I swear, your camera will capture different shots depending on the season!

Abbey Road
The Beatles recording home. That says it all. It's quite mind boggling when I went there for the first time because my dad is a big fan of the band. Picture was from 2014 and just by looking at it, memories came rushing back. I was like barely a week old in the city when this photo was taken. You can have your photo op just be aware that this is a 'real' road so cars are going to and fro!

Sky Garden
Now, this is interesting because I literally just booked a reservation for us here. You can visit their SITE and you'll see a 'book for free' option (or something like that) on the upper right part of the page. You can't do walk-ins (even if it's free) and the slots are going so fast! It's a new experience for us and I'm really excited to view London from the top first hand!

Parks, parks and more parks
"So... how many major parks do you have in the Philippines?" One of my English friends asked me. I coughed lightly. To be honest, I only know of Rizal park. And not sure if there's a major or minor park. Whew. I just said I'm not that sure (which is the truth!).

I guess this is one of the many reasons I fell in love with London. They have so much park. In fact, a few steps away from my flat, there's a Wimbledon park. You can book all your weekends in a year and fill it with park visits if you want.

Obviously, spring and summer are my favourite seasons for park-ing (see what I did there!) but you'll find autumn interesting too. For winter, head on to Hyde Park for winter wonderland!

Hillsong Church London
If you're on the lookout for friends and want to listen to some inspirational talks, look no further. Hillsong is the place for you! People here are so accommodating and I guarantee that you'll have fun here. After the service, people coming from all over the world sit down for a cup of coffee (it's free!) and yeah, basically just come as you are and be ready to make some connections. It's a heart-warming experience especially when you are new and are yet exploring the city.

 So there you have it! It's not all inclusive obviously but this is definitely a good start. Have fun! -CMK


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