Friday 11 December 2015


Christmas can be a double edged sword, isn't it? It can drive you nervous and frenzied due to the many things you need to accomplish before 25th or it can be seen as a date for you and your loved ones rendesvous.

That's the beauty of a human life - we get to choose our battles. 
It would be nicer if we're aware of such a fact, 90% of the time.

I chanced upon this book at Watestones bookstore, months ago. Ironically, I picked this up when my mind was spinning with so many things. It's a tiny little book celebrating the beauty of solitude and being comfortable in one's self.

In relation to Christmas, here are some things I gleaned over from the book.

Listening is a sign of Love
Do you notice that if you're with someone who's important to you, it doesn't matter what he (or she) is talking about? You just want to immerse yourself to whatever interest him (or her). Why the sign of love? Because as an individual, it's innate for us to talk about ourselves. Our wants, views, take on things - but did it dawn on you that we have 2 ears and 1 lips? Hence, we should listen twice as much as we speak.

And when you love someone, you should listen. And do it genuinely.

Make it a Habit to Reflect
Most of us are not comfortable with ourselves. Case in point: When we're alone, we put on the telly, the radio or whatever to 'fill in the void'. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of life - we need to look back and assess what's to 'throw' and 'keep' in our life.

This season is a good time to savor God's many gifts to us. Don't get lost with so many things and instead, focus on what's important. Enjoy December! -CMK


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