Wednesday 14 October 2015


I know, I know. It's been ages since I published another CMK Reads series. Sorry about that! To compensate, I thought of doing some book shopping last weekend! Definitely, this pair is the most weird combination I ever got. They're on each side of the spectrum. Heads up that I'm reading them simultaneously so I can't give you a full review just yet.

I was originally looking for the Calm book when the white and gold caught my attention. I skimmed the back page, few bits & bobs looked promising so I got a copy. I've read about 5 chapters (each chapter is short) so far. I won't lie. It's one of those that you should take with a pinch of salt. Basically, it's a book analysing how people make decisions. Be it about which course to take at the university, which coffee flavor to drink, who's to marry, whether to pull out your share of stock today or tomorrow... in a nutshell, it is thinking about thinking.

I like the data and how it is presented but I can't help but think it is just another copy of Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. If you're not careful, reading this sort of genre will turn you into a perennial pessimist. In defense, it can enhance your critical thinking pattern so think of it as a sharp knife. It can work both ways... for or against you.

Can we just stop for a while and adore the cover? Its cover is as good as its content so go ahead and judge the cover! It is an interactive book and like it's carrier banner, it aims to put you on a zen state. It's such an easy read and the fact that you can write and 'own' each page makes me love it even more. There's one particular part that's my favourite.

Here goes:

So, which one do you feed? -CMK (SOURCE)

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