Thursday 6 August 2015


This is one lip product that I can say I've spent days finding one! I've looked around so many Boots and Superdrug stores imagineable but I can't seem to get hold of a tube. I'm not a fan of online buying so I kept looking. Then, as I was doing my usual grocery after work, I chanced upon Boots Kingston and lo and behold... my jaw dropped as I saw 5 tubes of BIRTHDAY SUIT sitting nicely on the rack.

Matte Me product line by Sleek has 6 shades. They have red, pink, orange, nude and violet (forgot their specific names). Obviously, BIRTHDAY SUIT (nude) is the best seller among the brood. And why not? It's super pretty! Note though that it depends on your complexion. It might look ashy on warmer shades but if you're more on the pale / fair side, THIS THIS THIS is the BOMB!

Pigmentation is long lasting! It reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream line. I got two shades, one of which is Amsterdam (blue-based red). I am happy that I find my kind of nude. I searched high and low to find my match but it's either the product appears too washed out or dark on me. Very pleased that the colour is kind to my complexion. Price is alright (about £7.49 or Php 560).

If I'm sporting a chiseled, contoured cheekbones or heavy brow application, this is my default lip product. I usually apply a coat (which lasts all day), however for a more nude lip statement, I let the first coat dry for a bit then apply a second helping. 

This is how it looks on me in broad daylight!

Honestly, the formula kind of scares me. Side story: I've had my flu shot last week and I am freakingggg outtt at the slightest sight of any needle O.o. Let's skip the gory details but I ended up biting my mom's handkerchief real hard. Days after, our house helper was saying there's this terrible stain on the hanky that she can't remove even after applying clorox (high-grade cleansing agent) O.O


I love the colour and pigmentation, however, I can't seem to brush off the big question (is the formula is safe?). I'll still use them but I'm not 100% sure if I'll repurchase. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Velvet Teddy and grapevine says MAC is restocking them. Oh, why are nude lippies overly elusive these days? :D -CMK

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