Wednesday 6 May 2015


Flashback 2008: Whilst waiting for my training to end I have decided to try getting a massage for the first time. My first dibs at spa massages happened at The Spa Bel-Air Makati {which was now closed, btw}. Spa is like a spell that casts out sore and tight muscles. It's like you're getting out of the room with a completely different set of arms and legs. I've been a spa junkie ever since.

Fast forward 2015, my family decided to visit Tagaytay for the nth time, knowing that there's something exciting to try every single tour. We're right! We've found out that there's an Ayala Mall Serin Tagatay this time! It's a newly opened {not-yet-100%-operational} mall right in front of Theodore Hotel.

In a nutshell, this is a mini-Greenbelt in Tagaytay. Complete with posh restaurants and, get this, Family Mart and Timezone! Now if you're into stock investing - make sure to add Ayala Corporation (AC) in your portfolio. But that's an entirely different topic! Going back - we've decided to try NUAT THAI SPA which was 1-month old when we graced their cozy nook.

Mum, dad and myself availed of the same  treatment, classic foot spa. This costs Php 320 each. Very good price point compared to the sky-high prices in the metro.

Let me start off by saying their Ginger-Honey Tea is one of the best teas I've ever tasted! It's comparable to that of The Spa. It kind of the same if you'll ask my taste buds, actually. Price is uber reasonable too. For a 1-hour foot pampering, it's a cost-effective way to relax while bonding. Their good interiors are honorable mention too.

Due to the fact that they're fairly new - I can sense their attendants are not yet masters of their craft. The attendant/masseuse was quite hesitant to massage my feet and their foot soak was not a machine but an improvised basin filled with warm water. I was a bit surprised with that, but to me, that's tolerable. They're all accommodating and that balances the wishful thoughts, really.

Is it worth coming back? Read after the jump!

If they'll maintain their price portfolio - I will definitely come back. It's pretty simple, if you want some quick foot treatment with ginger tea honey {yes, I can't get over this - was on the borderline of asking them for its recipe} - this place is a must try. PS: Don't forget to try Family Mart's Mango Chilled Taho guys! It's yummy! -CMK


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