Monday 4 May 2015


I admit it. The least amount of makeup product that I own is eyebrow liner. I've got a number of excuses. First is I don't know how to apply one :P Next is out of fear of looking like a clown, I'd rather not use any at all. Lastly, I might as well buy yet another lipstick than to spend some on this. 

Earlier, whilst strolling at SM Makati, I was a bit disappointed because NYX hasn't replenished their stocks yet. Worst, they don't have any new arrivals {was told they're scheduled to arrive next week}. So, I tried other boutiques and my feet took me to Fashion 21 stall. It's quite a nostalgic brand for me. I remember buying beauty stuff from here way back my university days. Why? You guessed it! It's quality for a lesser price! :)

I was initially asking for an eyebrow pencil but quite hesitant due to reasons I've shared above. Good thing the lovely sales lady, Aileen, suggested that I use Eyebrow Gel instead.

Meet Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel! I got it for Php 165 from SM Makati. They've fully renovated the place and it is really a makeup haven! From high-end, mid-range to affordable brands, they've got it all for you! Lol. With that, make sure that you add SMPH (SM Prime Holding) stocks on your portfolio.

Going back! The packaging looks sturdy to me. It's plastic and very lightweight, not too long so it can fit to any standard kikay kit. I got the LIGHT BROWN shade since it's the closest to my current hair colour and it's flattering on my skin tone.

I can't believe that I only noticed this just now. Trimmed and structured brows MAKE such a HUGE impact on one's face! On the brighter side, it's better late than never, they say. Product is long-lasting, easy to apply specially for a novice like me. Most of all, it looks natural. When you're done for the day, some few swipes of your favourite makeup remover, and that's it.

On the left side, that's the eyebrow gel on my bare face. On the right side, that's me with NYX BASKED BLUSH + ILLUMINATOR + BRONZER and NYX MATTE LIPSTICK IN MLS 25 TEMPTRESS. I'd say clean brows perfect your nude makeup look.

Product is not waterproof. Contrary to my eyelids that are mega-oily, my brows are just fine. Not a big deal to me but yes, make sure to remember this on a rainy day :) Here comes the swatch and a close up peek!

Okay, there are certain products that I'll pay for more no matter what. Say, foundation. My staple is MAC Studio Fix at NC35 since 2013. I opted not to be adventurous with fondas as I don't want to risk my skin having breakouts. However, for eyebrow goodies, I think it's perfectly fine to experiment just as long as you know the brand {or at least have sufficient feedbacks from trusted sources}.

I think I have my favourite beauty product this season! -CMK

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