Thursday 22 January 2015


Sometimes we are so courteous to others but are often hard on ourselves. We're picky on which words to use in a conversation but we haphazardly tell demeaning words to ourselves. We call 'us' silly, stupid, as*hole, etc. when we forgot to do things expected of us. Don't you think it's about time to be aware and be kind to everyone?

Including ourselves.

I was under antibiotics the past days {hence, no frequent blog posts due to yours truly feeling under the weather}. I rushed to work this morning and found out that I left my medicines in the flat. I was tempted to call myself stupid or dumb ass for not being smart enough to bring that with me but I remember this whole thing of being kind to oneself.

But really, why does it pay to go easy on yourself?

It's a healthy thing to do. 
Being uptight for the smallest reasons won't do us good. Adjusting to 'universe conspiring' may be better. Whenever you feel like you're about to explode: Look outside when there's the sky or sun perhaps, breathe in and drink water. Don't say or think about anything for 2 minutes and notice the difference. There's no need to react right away. A friend of mine said: People are wired to give judgment and opinions, but there are situations that don't need either. Pause and acknowledge things as they happen. Sometimes, that's the wisest alternative one can make.

Things are not as bad as they appear to be. 
We have this habit of maximising the bad and minimising the good. Should it be the other way around? Sure I forgot my medicines but I should be thanking God instead that I can take a good walk outside and smell fresh air. On my way back I saw the sun and even ate my frozen chocolate mousse back home. How's that for a consolation?

No matter what comes your way, you cannot discount the fact that there are so many things to say 'Thank You, Lord' for. 
You can see. You can eat. You have a roof over your head and you'll have a good food later today {if there's none, buy some ice cream}! Meet Stephen Hawking. And be inspired on how well he lives despite some interesting hurdles.

Make it a point to remember that GOD is good! -CMK



  1. This is awesome! I have had trouble with this before and I soon realized the exact same thing you wrote about. As a society we are often seem too busy to see the small things that are big blessings in our lives.

    1. Totally agree, Henrique! Appreciate your comment! ;)

  2. Yeah no problem you give a great point! So have you had a religious background that helped you with your life?

    1. Hi Henrique - religion... hmm.. not quite. I think the closest I can come up to is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  3. Hi Ms. Kristine, thanks for these tips :)


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