Friday 10 October 2014


As they say, no travel is ever the same. True enough, my last flight was the most challenging flight ever! I am not here to give you a blow-by-blow whine-fest but rather I'd like to point out some things that I should've done and make it a learning experience for everyone.

The Border Immigration
It was my second time to visit the place however, since the alert level has been set from Normal to Severe {due to isis and ebola alert} immigration officer asked more questions than usual. She even asked me for a letter of invitation and details on why I'll be staying here for a bit longer longer than my past visit. I answered all the questions politely and shortly after, my visa got stamped.

Learning Tip: I  should've photocopied the Letter of Invitation before I gave the original documents to the embassy (for VISA Application, read HERE). I forgot to do that and it was too late because the embassy didn't return the original letter.

The Case of My Lost Luggage
Since the immigration procedure took long (plus I walked through the whole stretch of different conveyors) - I was one of the last people who got their luggage. I have checked in two. I can spot Bag #2 but my main one was missing. Again... slow motion... it was missing! Nooooo! I asked the gentleman and he said it's common that people lost their luggage. They have incident reports everyday. What's weirder was I saw a violet luggage with exactly red ribbon on the conveyor, making me conclude the inevitable. Somebody got my luggage!

What to do when this happen to you?
Report it right away! They will give you a paper for you to write your contact details and description of your luggage. Take note of the case number and of course PRAY. To be honest, if this happens in Manila - you and I know that the chances of retrieval is very remote. However, even if it is Europe, there's still a chance of it being lost. And I don't know what to do because 80% of my stuff is there! {insert about to cry face here}.

Learning Tip: Put your own contact number and your friends contact details in a notebook. I failed in this department. Good thing there's a 45 minute free wifi at Heathrow so I managed to copy the details via email.

I don't have much of a choice than to head home via the car service that was reserved for me. On my way outside, somebody in his uniform asked me questions like if I have food in my luggage. I told him that one of my luggages was lost and I'm not happy with it. What I have now is a biscuit so if he wants to take a look at it, I'll show it to him. He said that's fine. And asked me if I already have friends here. Ugh. I was not in the mood to socialize for obvious reasons so I just said, Yes and thank you.

When I arrived {at the flat}, my mind was still in a limbo so much so that I walked pass the 'Welcome Home' banner my friend has setup for me. He has to point that out for me to notice. Sorry! :( 

Minutes have passed and he got a phone call {I gave his number on my lost luggage report}. Good news. The airport got my luggage back and they will deliver it that night. I got surprised at first because when I got his phone, somebody talked to me in Tagalog. Hay manong, thank you po. Night passed without luggage in sight and there goes my anxiety attacks again. I prayed to God but you know it's not easy to be at peace when you have uncertainties like these. This exposed my real faith meter! Lip service is cheap but when you're in THAT situation, it takes a LOT of faith to sleep.

Learning Tip: Now I know why a lost-luggage is one of the most stressful events a human can have. However, TRY (operative word) to keep your cool. Inahle and exhale. Talk to the airport personnel and ask as many details as you can. Make sure you have listed the correct phone and address details on the report.

Aaand, after 15 hours of flight and stress (!) I slept and woke up 11:30 pm UK Time. Next morning, my luggage hasn't come just yet. Mum and I skyped and prayed that all things will be well. We placed everything in God's more than capable hands. She reminded me not to be too worried and everything's gonna be okay. Next morning, it's as if the Holy Spirit is prompting me to get the airline report document and log in to the website. It looks something like this:

The status report says delivery process initiated which put my heart at ease a bit. Then come Sunday afternoon, somebody knocked at our door. I am the queen of slow-walking but I bet you this one time I was Ms. Flash! And yes, they delivered my luggage back to me. {Jumping up and down!}

I once asked myself why did this happen? I prayed for this trip naman so many times. Then an answer came shortly. Because, LIFE. It doesn't mean that if you prayed you will be insulated from everything. And at the end of this fiasco, I am more convinced that GOD works in mysterious ways. This is one flight I'll never forget! After the dust has settled, I am thankful that GOD never let me go. As mum always say, God is our very present help in trouble. To be honest, until now, I'm a bit ashamed how little faith I have. This incident was a litmus test indeed. PS: I hope you find the learning tips handy. Mean time, I'll enjoy my strawberries. -CMK



  1. Super glad that you got your luggage back! Hoping that it won't happen again. Baka ako, naiyak na talaga sa frustration sa airport pa lang. :))

    1. Hello Juvy! Indeed sis! Ang saya ko lang when we reunited (yes, it feels so good, Lol) :D


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