Thursday 16 October 2014


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall... All you have to do is call... Don't fight it, I know you want to sing the entire You've Got A Friend song. Fall (or Autumn), I think, is the second least wanted season of all times (next to winter, of course). Maybe because it's a prelude of something dark and cold. However, you know what they say - there's always a beauty in each season. And so I promised myself to remember that gloomy is not equal to sadness. After all, we're all as happy as we decide to be.

This is week 1. It's an adjustment period for me. Fortunately though, my body clock seems to get acquainted abruptly from PH to UK time rather than the other way around. Jet lag was not that bad in fact, the moment I hit the sack at 7 pm-ish it didn't take long for me to sleep soundly.

My first cooked dish, ever.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chef Kristine signing in. Applause please! :) Seriously, I promised myself to eat healthy. I cannot live on take-aways for half a year so the only logical reason to do is to learn how to cook. The Spicy Tuna Marinara pasta above is not bad after all. Let's put it this way - we finished the meal without any left overs. Hooray!

Autumn, near my place.
Just beside my pasta lies a view... whenever I wash my hands. No kidding! It's a backyard view from my flat. Beautiful, isn't it? It's nice to stare blankly at a lush sky and reddish leaves. Makes me ponder, what is life all about, really? But that's another story.

Have coffee. Have Costa.
Before I did my Saturday grocery, I fancied for a coffee and the next thing I know I was sitting at Costa Cafe. The place is just the way I like it. Simple and quiet. Their coffee is divine. The bitter and sweet taste on every sip is perpetually fighting. I'll be coming over this place more frequently, specially whenever I need to do some catch up reading.

We meet again, Norbiton Station.
There's something nostalgic about Norbiton station. After all, this is where I'm alighting every day of my work week life. London train station is very convenient. When I went back last Monday, I was doing a little side smile because looking at the station sign makes me feel I'm greeting an old friend.

That's it so far for my London life. There are so many things that are bound to happen. I pray that all these things lead me closer to the Lord. I find this week a bit relaxing (bordering boring) but yeah, a girl needs to rest. This is week 1. -CMK

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