Tuesday 9 September 2014


Cleanse, tone and moisturize is just the start, we all should remember to protect our skin from sunlight's harsh effects. For some, taking good care of skin is an outright vanity, however I think it's more of being a good steward of our largest body organ {skin, that is}.

Last 2012, I've decided to undergo a LASIK Eye Procedure, making my eyesight 20/20 again. Thank GOD all went well. This is one of the most life-changing decisions I've made. Related Post HERE. How does it relate to our review for today? Well, Shinagawa, the Japanese establishment I've trusted for my lasik procedure, also has a skin care line. I picked a product called CELESTY UV WHITE. You know how Japanese brands take their formulation seriously, a reason why I'm excited to try this Sunblock!

Substance is bordering transparent to translucent. It's odor-free and is absorbed by my skin quickly. Being SPF 50, it provides a more than sufficient coverage for your face. Do you know that even if you're indoors you still need to apply sunblock to minimize the possibility of having your skin burned? And that sun exposure is the number 1 reason for wrinkles and yes, even poor eyesight {from my discussion with one of Shinagawa doctors}. Another positive note is that the formula is gentle, I didn't experience breakouts even on my first few tries.


Among all the good points, my favorite part is how it emits a dewy finish after minutes of application. Please be warned of my bare face. That's the only product I applied so my face is kinda neutral and blank. See for yourself after the jump!

The price! A 30 ml bottle costs approx. Php 2,000. Another is the packaging. The box is a bit boring and I think it wouldn't hurt if Celesty improves on this part. Also, as you may experience on other Japanese and Korean products, the labels and directions are in local language. We would welcome an English translation please :) 

In my opinion, the product is overrated. However, let's be all aware that quality has a hefty price. It's a trade-off we can't brush off. If sun block collection is your thing, I suggest that you try this one. On the flip side, if you can survive with a normal yet promising product, you may try out other drug store finds. Like Nivea SPF 50, for example. Review HERE. What's important is, we protect our skin! -CMK.

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