Monday 14 July 2014


There's no denying it. Yours truly is experiencing a massive attack of writers block. Gone are  the days when creative juices are consistently flowing and my drafts folder are oozing with posts yet to be published. I've read that people experience this once in a while, at any rate, I hope I will recuperate from this hush mode soon enough.

Would like to share with you a random list of the books I'd been wanting to read the past months.

Cashflow Quandrant and Rich Dad, Poor Dad are both written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. They came from one of my mentors from a previous company. I feel bad that I haven't got the chance to meet him when I visited London last month, but I promise to make it up to him given a chance. The books are popular and someone shared that they've even made a game (like Monopoly type of game) out of it. Since I haven't brushed up on my financial literacy prowess this year - this might be a good start.

Break Out! and Every Day a Friday are both written by Joel Osteen. I've came across his book through my mom, and ever since I've been encouraged. He's into being positive {and to some extent people are taking it against him}, but I reckon, life is all about choices! If you want to be sad and sober, fine. Bear in mind that you also have a choice to look on the brighter side of things. I chose the latter.

Lastly, book on the top is entitled TOO BUSY NOT TO PRAY. I bought this book from last year's Book Fair and it is only recently that I've been reading the literature. Truth be told, the title hit me head on - so much so that even if I am not familiar with the author, I bought the book anyways. Write up is full of basic teaching but it's indeed a welcome treat to us all. (UPDATE: Check out my review on this book, HERE)

So there you go, my books to read the coming days months! -CMK


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