Thursday 8 May 2014


Ah, the classic LBD, more aptly known as Little Black Dress! It's every girl's staple attire. Coined to be one of a girl's must-have by so many fashion gurus, LBD is no doubt a franchise of its own. Add to that, the recent fashion book by Liz Uy called Sylized (Book Review, HERE) - a quality LBD should be one of a woman's investment, she shared.

I only have one brother, and it was his graduation when I wore the dress. I bought this last year for reasons I don't know! I just appreciate the cut so much plus it's not that gown-y so I gave in. I do recall mum raised her eyebrow when I showed it to her plus the remark, "Where will you use that?". Haha! Couldn't blame her that time.

However, let me redeem myself. I wore this when I emceed for an activity last year plus this occasion. It might be handy on some other events too, who knows? :) DETAILS: Dress is from Black Et Noir, Gold Watch from Swatch and Peep Toe Sandals is from VNC (got it from KL Malaysia, which is a real steal, btw).

Here comes our fashion pegs! Blacks are so versatile, that's for sure. Pair it with a leather jacket or crown yourself with a gorgeous head piece and of course, take it from my favorite fashion icon - top the whole number with a beaming bloody red clutch!

Ready for another set? Here goes...
This batch is not necessarily black, but all our above the knee cut. I think this dress is perfect when you're one of the guests and not the mainstream host. It will allow you to move freely plus you can be sure that you're not stealing the scene to whoever should be the center. Just make sure that you add a little bit height on your heels for a more lengthy facade. Ahh.. fashion, girls can just talk about them with squeaks, for like, forever! ♥ -CMK



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