Tuesday 15 April 2014


Uncertainty. The possibility of getting heads or tails. And this comes in all shapes and forms. Your seat in the bus. The result of a much dreaded exam. The man waiting for you at the end of the altar. Like air, it is all over the place. I, for one, hate uncertainty. I mean, there's nothing cool about it. Part of the reason why I hate it so is because dealing with uncertainty requires waiting.

Yet, when I go back in my 20's life in retrospect, I noticed that all my major life's breakthroughs requires this deadly combination: Waiting + Uncertainty. And you know what? Each combination made me better. Is there any beauty about uncertainty? I'd dare say I can count one, two, three:

♣ My dependence on GOD got stronger.
I've heard somebody said People never appreciate who GOD is until GOD is all they have. Not ideal, but it's rather true. It's easy to rely on yourself when you have reasons to, but when you've done everything but still something is lacking, suddenly GOD becomes so BIG. And that should be the way it is, before... during... or after what you have been praying for come to pass.

♣ I become more sensitive about things around me.
I don't know if it is just me, but when I've been praying for something, suddenly events around me makes more sense. The Bible verse that I'm pondering into is relevant. I sometimes balance this out with a caution, but based on my experience, GOD really answers prayers. And as I've learned from the past, YES, NO and WAIT are all answers! :)

♣ Like exercise, my faith got stronger on every uncertainty.
I jokingly touted before, Lord, why do I have this feeling na favorite mo po ako? :) It's not to throw a tantrum or something, it's just that I find it rather funny that majority of my life's milestone comes with a twist! As in! However, I appreciate that without these twists, my faith wouldn't be stronger compared to what it was before. That's it for now :) -CMK

HOPE is wishing something would happen.
FAITH is believing that something happen.
COURAGE is making something happen. 

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