Monday 10 March 2014


Japan is one of the countries I've been dreaming to visit for so long. Hopefully, 2014 will be the year when I'll set my foot into  the Land of the Rising Sun!

Our product for today comes from guess where? Oh yes! Japan! Before Korea has been known for anything beauty related, there was Japan. And up to this point, Japanese brands still hold a hefty amount of loyal consumer patronizing Shiseido, Shu Uemura, among many others.

Late last year, there was such a huge rave about yet another Japanese brand called Bifiesta. The brand's selling point is their make up remover collection and so when one of my friends went to Tokyo - I've asked her to buy me one. I should've posted this December of last year since I've been using the product for roughly 3 months now!

Bifiesta Bright Up Cleansing Wash
Size: Approx 200 ml.
Type: Facial Wash
Price: Php 220 approx.

Product is water based, very friendly to my skin. I didn't experience and break outs whatsoever. Face feels so clean but not squeaky dry, something that I appreciate since I tend to have dry skin specially during Jan to Feb months. One bottle is affordable too. Been using this for 3 months now and the bottle is still 30% full.

It takes more than usual to wash off the excess residue. Not sure if it's just me but I do get paranoid that I'm leaving soapy substance on my face overnight! Another one is its size, during travel season - it takes some effort to put some amount to a tiny container rather than stringing the entire bottle along.
And now - for my no filter, pambahay photo of the day :))

Given a chance (and baggage allowance) - I'll be hoarding Bifiesta products when I get to visit Japan! That's how two-thumbs up the product is for me! I'm thinking of getting their make up remover variants too, there's so much buzz about it from the beauty bloggers. Must be THAT good. -CMK

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