Sunday 2 February 2014


There's a ton of reason why people blog. They do it to launch product reviews, to share travel experiences or to simply let their feelings out. I'm doing this post for the last reason. Recently, I've been experiencing what they call a writer's block. "Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. Source: Wikipedia. I'm not claiming it though, I know it's just a phase.

Going back. One Saturday. I hibernated to my favorite CBTL branch (located at Greenbelt, beside Hermes). I carried a conversation with the barista that went like this:
Tin: You know what, mas gusto ko dito rather than sa other branch niyo...
CBTL Barista: Mam, di niyo po alam? Last day na namin tomorrow. We'll be closing down the store...

My heart sank :(

You may ask, how come this CBTL branch means a lot to me? Here's why:

♣ Most of my {early} career decisions were made here.
Ah, the joy of 20's. And the confusion that comes along with it. I recall CBTL was where I told myself that I won't be a super slave anymore. That enough is enough. And that I won't let people and professional trends dictate me where I wanna go. In retrospect, I'm glad I did the right things. Thank you, JESUS.

♣ My first date, happened here.
Geez. And why am I writing this one again? :) Well, yeah. The place is memorable due to it being a venue of my first date. You know me, I won't disclose anything so personal - but uhm, yeah {now you know that I'm under the writer's block spell indeed!}.

♣ To me, the place is home.
Worked. Laughed. Read. Cried. Pooped. Met friends. 
Those are some of the things I did at CBTL. The thought of it closing down is such a downer. Now I know how it feels to have your 'home' demolished. This feeling, shall pass. I hope, sooner.

By the way, those are: my last 2 snap shots of CBTL. My 3 year old swirl card that was already lost. And lastly - me {with the glasses and braces on}, circa 2011. -CMK

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